London LOOP

London LOOP

The London Outer Orbital Path (London LOOP) is a 240 km signed walk along public footpaths, and through parks, woods and fields around the edge of Outer London, England.

Although I had been based in London since 2004, until 2011 when I discovered the walk, I knew that I had only scratched the surface of a city that I still felt like a visitor in. Walking the LOOP was the perfect opportunity to trully explore the city and make my London story come full circle.

I walked the LOOP in 15 days, between May and November 2011. My documentation of the walk is comprised of 96 photographs, shown in chronological order and split into two distinct series: “Along” shows some of the things I saw along the way, while “The Path” is a documentation of the pathways I followed.

For the full series and the complete experience please visit:

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